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  • Implemented UpdateEl for Filter and FilterMap.
  • Added method El::is_custom(&self).
  • Fixed custom elements patching (#325).
  • Removed unnecessary error message for comment nodes.
  • [BREAKING] Removed deprecated update and trigger_update_ev.
  • [BREAKING] Removed the remains of lifecycle hooks.
  • Fixed value and checked setting for input elements (a bug in VirtualDOM patch algorithm).
  • [BREAKING] Removed unpredictable internal input listeners - Seed will not longer react to external input value changes.
  • [BREAKING] Use EventHandler instead of Listener. (Listener is now used as the internal DOM EventListener representation.)
  • [deprecated] - raw_ev is deprecated in favor of ev. Functionality is the same.
  • Improved performance - rewritten event-handling and other refactors in VirtualDOM.
  • Fixed processing of multiple event-handlers (#138).
  • Added DOM Element references - see ElRef and examples (canvas, user_media or todomvc) (#115).
  • Removed Ms: Clone restriction as much as possible.
  • [BREAKING] Added or changed Custom variant from Custom(String) to Custom(Cow<'static, str>) in Ev, Tag, At and St. Use function from to create custom entities (e.g. At::from("my-attribute")) (#208).
  • Added macro nodes!. It accepts Node<Msg> and Vec<Node<Msg, returns flattened Vec<Node<Msg>.
  • Refactored all examples.
  • Fixed and rewritten example todomvc.
  • Renamed counter example to counter_advanced.
  • Renamed drop example to drop_zone.
  • Removed server_interaction_detailed example.
  • Added a new simpler counter example.
  • Changed example in the main README.md.
  • Added flag #![forbid(unsafe_code)] so the Seed will be marked as a safe library by the Rust community tools.
  • Removed clone restriction from the method Effect::map_msg.
  • Implemented UpdateEl for FlatMap.


  • [BREAKING] MessageMapper::map_message changed to MessageMapper::map_msg.
  • [BREAKING] fetch and storage moved to seed::browser::service::{fetch, storage}, but reimported at the lib level. Ie: seed::fetch, and seed::storage.
  • Added support for Vec<Attr> and Vec<Style> in view macros.
  • App included in prelude.
  • [BREAKING] Seed refactored to use async/.await. fetch.rs docs updated.
  • Export Attrs, Style, Listener. ie, can import with seed::Style etc.
  • Fixed a bug causing the docs not to build.


  • Added helper seed::canvas(), and seed::canvas_context() helper functions.
  • Fixed Url parsing (resolves issue with hash routing).
  • [BREAKING] From<String> for Url changed to TryFrom<String> for Url.
  • Fixed jumping cursor in inputs (#158) .
  • Added method orders.after_next_render(Option<RenderTimestampDelta>) (#207).
  • Fixed a bug with back/forward routing to the landing page (#296).
  • Deprecated Init struct, replacing it with BeforeMount and AfterMount structs to better denote state before and after mounting the App occurs.
  • Added a new function builder which replaces build as part of deprecating Init.
  • Added a new function build_and_start which replaces finish as part of deprecating Init.
  • Added IntoInitand IntoAfterMount traits. It is possible to use these in place of a closure or function to produce the corresponding Init and AfterMount structs.
  • Messages sent from IntoAfterMount will now be run after the routing message.
  • Added example app_builder.
  • events::Listener is included in prelude.
  • ()s have been replaced with structs - e.g. GMs = () => GMs = UndefinedGMs.
  • WindowEvents alias changed to WindowEventsFn for consistency with other *Fn.
  • Commented builder and helper methods.


  • Added an Init struct, which can help with initial routing (Breaking)
  • The routes function now returns an Option<Msg> (Breaking)
  • Updated Tag::from() to accept more input types
  • style! now accepts also Option<impl ToString>
  • Fixed a bug affecting element render order
  • Added a hashchange listener
  • Improved error-handling
  • Tweaked bootstrap order so that main_el_vdom is initialized first (internal)
  • Macro custom! checks if you set tag, and panics when you forget
  • Fixed a bug with children being absent from cloned elements
  • Improved debugging
  • Fixed a namespace bug with adding children to Svg elements
  • Fixed a bug affecting Safari
  • Added seed::html_document() and seed::cookies convenience functions


  • Added more SVG At variants
  • Added the St enum, for style keys; similar to At
  • Improved ergonomics of add_child, add_attr, add_class, add_style, replace_text, and add_text, Node methods


  • ElContainer, imported in prelude, renamed to View. (Breaking)
  • Internal refactor of El: Now wrapped in Node, along with Empty and Text. Creation macros return Node(Element). (Breaking)
  • Changed the way special attributes like disabled, autofocus, and checked are handled (Breaking)
  • MessageMapper now accepts closures
  • Orders is a trait now instead of a struct. (Breaking)
  • Significant changes to MessageMapper
  • Orders has new methods, clone_app and msg_mapper which can allow access to app instance.
  • Added more SVG element macros
  • Several minor bux fixes
  • Examples updated to reflect these changes
  • Improvements to Fetch API, especially regarding error handling and deserialization


  • routes now accepts Url instead of &Url (Breaking)
  • Improvements to fetch API
  • Added raw!, md!, and plain! macros that alias El::from_html, El::from_markdown, and El::new_text respectively
  • Attrs! and Style! macros can now use commas and whitespace as separators, in addition to semicolons
  • Fixed typos in a few attributes (Breaking)
  • Fixed a bug where an HTML namespace was applied to raw html/markdown elements
  • New conditional syntax added in class! macro, similar to Elm's classList
  • Listener now implements MessageMapper
  • El methods add_child, add_style, add_attr, and set_text now return the elements, allowing chaining
  • Fixed a bug with set_text. Renamed to replace_text. Added add_text, which adds a text node, but doesn't remove existing ones. Added add_class. (Breaking)


  • Fetch module and API heavily changed (breaking)
  • Added support for request​Animation​Frame, which improves render performance, especially for animations
  • Styles no longer implicitly add px. Added unit! macro in its place
  • Map can now be used directly in elements, without needing to annotate type and collect (ie for child Elements, and Listeners)
  • Significant changes to MessageMapper
  • Orders hs new methods, clone_app and msg_mapper that allow access to app instance.
  • Fixed a bug where empty elements at the top-level were rendering in the wrong order
  • Added an empty! macro, which is similar to seed::empty
  • Attributes and style now retain order


  • Fixed a bug where view functions returning Vec<El> weren't rendering properly
  • Fixed a typo with the viewBox attribute


  • The update fn now accepts a (new) Orders struct, and returns nothing. Renders occur implicitly, with the option to skip rendering, update with an additional message, or perform an asynchronous action. (Breaking)
  • .mount() now accepts elements. Deprecated .mount_el()
  • The log function and macro now support items which implement Debug
  • Removed deprecated routing::push_path function (breaking)


  • Added seed::update function, which allows custom events, and updates from JS


  • Top level view functions can now return Vec<El<Ms>>, El<Ms>, or something else implementing the new ElContainer trait


  • Top level view functions now return Vec<El<Ms>> instead of El<Ms>, mounted directly to the mount point. (Breaking)
  • push_route() can now accept a Vec<&str>, depreciating push_path()
  • Fixed a bug where window events couldn't be enabled on initialization


  • update function now takes a mutable ref of the model. (Breaking)
  • Update (update's return type) is now a struct. (Breaking)
  • Async, etc events are now handled through messages, instead of passing App through the view func. (Breaking)
  • Fixed some bugs with empty elements
  • Internal code cleanup
  • Added commented-out release command to example build files
  • Added more tests


  • Routing can be triggered by clicking any element containing a Href attribute with value as a relative link
  • Internal links no longer trigger a page refresh
  • Models no longer need to implement Clone
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.2.9 for select elements


  • Added a RenderThen option to Update, which allows chaining update messages
  • Added a .model method to Update, allowing for cleaner recursion in updates
  • Improved controlled-component (sync fields with model) logic


  • Reflowed El::from_html and El::from_markdown to return Vecs of Els, instead of wrapping them in a single span.
  • Improved support for SVG and namespaces
  • Added set_timeout wrapper


  • Fixed a bug where line! macro interfered with builtin
  • Fixed a bug with routing search (ie ?)


  • Fixed a bug where children would render out-of-order
  • Improved vdom diffing logic


  • Attributes and Events now can use At and Ev enums
  • Routing overhauled; modelled after react-reason. Cleaner syntax, and more flexible
  • Input, Textarea, and Select elements are now "controlled" - they always stay in sync with the model
  • index.html file updated in examples and quickstart to use relative paths, which fixes landing-page routing


  • Changed render func to use a new pattern (Breaking)
  • Default mount point added: "app" for element id
  • View func now takes a ref to the model instead of the model itself
  • Routing refactored; now works dynamically
  • Update function now returns an enum that returns Render or Skip, to allow conditional rendering (Breaking)
  • Elements can now store more than 1 text node


  • Fixed a bug where initially-empty text won't update
  • Added more tests
  • Exposed web_sys Document and Window in top level of Seed create, with .expect
  • Modified build scripts to keep the wasm output name fixed at 'package', simplifying example/quickstart renames
  • Tests now work in Windows due to update in wasm-pack


  • Overhaul of fetch module
  • Added server-integration example


  • Added support for custom tags
  • Added class! and id! convenience macros for setting style


  • Added high-level fetch api
  • Added routing
  • Added element lifecycles (did_mount, did_update, will_unmount)
  • Added support for updating state outside events
  • Added server_interaction, and homepage (this site) examples


  • Initial release