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App 2: TodoMVC

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Well, I hope your head didn't explode due to the amount of information in the previous example. You should be ready for a real step-by-step tutorial now - how to write a classic TodoMVC example from scratch.

You'll learn:

  • To design a good Model and Msg according to specifications.
  • Routing.
  • Link building.
  • Window event handling.
  • How and when to use Element References and Keys.
  • How to use LocalStorage.

There are two ways to write Seed apps from scratch:

  1. Design Model and Msg first and then write other app parts.

    • It's the cleanest and preferable way.
  2. Write view first and then other items.

    • It's useful for websites where the Model will be simple, for prototypes, or if you like rewriting a lot. Also it's useful when you are forced to do something like Scrum and you want to show at least something on the demo.

Let's begin!


There are specs in the official TodoMVC repo. They'll help us to design Model in the next chapter.

TodoMVC screen