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Getting Started

Hi and welcome!

Many awesome contributors and I (Martin KavĂ­k) will be your guides in the Seed world. You'll learn something about Rust and then we'll discover the beauty of Seed apps.

  • I think the best way how to learn something is by doing it. That's why we'll be writing basic Seed apps together and we'll show you how to use multiple Seed APIs and patterns.

  • We assume you know basics of HTML, Javascript, CSS and Git. And that you have a GitHub account.

  • Also we'll explain you some design decisions and you'll find our personal opinions, notes and future plans in the most chapters. Please, keep in mind that they are often very opinionated and based on our previous experiences, so it's possible that you won't agree. Most of them are mine, so don't hesitate to write me about your opinions or when you have some questions (chat, forum, martin@kavik.cz).

  • All chapters are intended for both beginners and advanced users. If you are a beginner don't hesitate to skip parts that don't make sense to you (yet) and return back once you are ready to digest all information. This advice also applies to official Rust learning materials.

Let's look at Rust in the next chapter. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard or click the arrow below this text.